Founded in 2008

Renaud’s Patisserie & Bistro, incorporated in 2008 as Renaud’s Bakery and Bistro, Inc., is a Southern California restaurant, retail and wholesale bakery. Renaud’s Patisserie & Bistro was founded in anticipation of Santa Barbara’s desire for (and previous lack of) a quality French pastry and croissant venue.

Patisserie & Bistro

Renaud’s Bistro offers an extensive breakfast and lunch menu inspired from the Provence region of France, and Chef Gonthier’s personal favorites. 

Renaud’s retail selection includes imported delicacies, homemade cookies and candies, and fresh fruit preserves. The company’s signature line of cakes are available for pre-order or same-day purchase at any of Renaud’s five locations in Southern California. Orders may be placed by phone or on our website.

About Nicole Gonthier (Director of Finance)

Nicole Gonthier, co-founder and former CEO of Renaud's Bakery and Bistro, Inc., has her degree in Business Administration with a focus on Human Resources. Gonthier has worked extensively in the service and entertainment industry, most notably having for worked for The Ritz Carlton and 20th Century Fox. 

She runs the financial aspect of Renaud's Bakery and Bistro, Inc. 

When not working, she enjoys practicing pilates and spending time with her daughter, Morgan.